CoSpax: Opening of an exciting Coworking chapter in Pakistan

Opening of a new era

Pakistan is moving ahead towards building a sustainable and stronger entrepreneurial ecosystem by the zeal, passion, investments, and tireless efforts of the individuals in both public and private sectors. To take all these efforts one step ahead, a milestone has been achieved by TPLEX in the form of launching a co-working space in Karachi, Pakistan.

“We want to emphasize more on bringing youth towards technology, innovation, entrepreneurship, and most importantly instilling in them the spirit of working together and doing miracles with their work”, says Waqar, CEO Cospax, and TPLEX

The Idea of CoSpax

The idea of Cospax was floated by TPLEX after having years of experience in the Tech and business industry. It is the realization of their dream to provide a platform to the young and established innovators and thinkers of Pakistan in the city of lights, Karachi.

Technology PLEX (TPLEX) is a leading contract software offshore development agency doing product engineering outsourcing, web, and mobile cloud development. TPLEX delivers a broad range of web development and cloud services. with expert knowledge and skills for the full Microsoft suite of development platforms.

They recently came up with the mission and vision of giving standard workplace, in the form of CoSpax, to the entrepreneurs and freelancers to unleash their potential and skills in their own country, Pakistan.

CoSpax: The Co-working platform

Cospax is a co-working space for the freelancers, entrepreneurs, and companies to unleash their potential in the most welcoming social environment. Cospax is a social environment for entrepreneurs and business professionals to connect, collaborate and grow. We provide you with the right space for your meetings, events, presentations, workshop sessions, and conducting major interviews.

Cospax has been launched with the vision to be a game changer in the industry when it comes to providing a platform to the future innovators of Pakistan. With the motto of “Be your own Boss” it will instill leadership spirit in all those entrepreneurs and business entities who will stay at CoSpax.

What CoSpax offers?

The Cospax offers office space in different exciting categories. The meeting corner where you will get technical assistance, support of our amazing team, and super affordable packages that suits your requirement perfectly.

The Hot desk which is sociable shared working space, where you reserve a desk space, bring a laptop and start materializing your business goals. Also, there is dedicated desk, it is a shared area but here you can enjoy privacy partitions to work with more ease.

In case you want to have your own private space, you can go for the option and have some space that only belongs to you and your business. With this comes, 2 desks and a total of 6 seating with separate glass door room with a completely enclosed arrangement.

Towards an empowered future

By opening CoSpax in the heart of Pakistan, Karachi, we believe this could prove to be the first step to a promising journey ahead. With the aim of working closely with aspiring entrepreneurs, businesses, innovators, and most importantly doers we can lead Pakistan to strengthen the digital economy and more empowerment of youth.